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Here you download the form for filling in the submission of the media! Attached upon submission!

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Data Recovery Service


Media crash or total deletion of storage media!

Then you've come to the right place! More and more people chooses us for their recovery matters!


The company's goal is to be the best solution for you! Welcome as both a company and a private person! We offer the cheapest and easiest option for those affected by a media crash! Or need to completely erase your disks to ensure that no data gets into the wrong hands.


GHR has about 20-25 years of data experience with support and troubleshooting work as well as service and construction of computers and servers, both software and hardware.



Recovering for companies and private customers with broken storage media.

We fix:

  • Stationary 3.5″ Hårddisk (PC & Mac) all interface.
  • Laptop 2.5″ hard drives (PC & Mac) all interface.
  • Laptop 1.8″ hard drives (PC & Mac) all interface.
  • SSD
  • Microdrive
  • External hard drives, all format and interface.
  • NAS system.
  • Servrar (alla Raid konfigurationer) all interface (Ata, Sata, Scsi, SAS)
  • USB sticks
  • CD / DVD
  • Camera memories, SD/SDHC/Xd/Cf/Mmc/MS/MS-Duo m.fl
  • Total deletion of disks acc. certification method / s



Price information and shipping!

Ev. shipping to send in / return your disks you stand for yourself via (prepayment regarding the return) to us!

Packages sent by cash on delivery are not collected! Only Business Package! The address is on the contact page!

NOTE! Think about how to pack your discs!


Analysis / Examination of hard drives

When the analysis is complete you will receive a cost estimate based on either price per hour or fixed price depending on what is to be done. The analysis is not binding.


Terms and Conditions

Any warranty on customer equipment:

In cases where required, GHR breaks seals and other seals to allow analysis of damaged media. GHR does not consult the customer before GHR breaks the seals, but as a customer you have to expect that the guarantee of your equipment is forfeited in connection with submitting it to GHR. Of course, the GHR avoids as much as possible to break the guarantee seals, but in cases where it is required, GHR does so immediately and without notifying the customer. GHR does not guarantee that all files can be reconstructed in working order from crashed / damaged hard disk


Dismounted Hard Drives:

In cases where the GHR changes a component on your hard disk or a component is disconnected in connection with the analysis or data rescue, then the defective component is not re-assembled in case of any re-transport to the customer.

Desktops and laptops:


In cases when you have submitted a computer to the GHR, the GHR will not re-mount the defective hard drive in the computer, but the computer will be re-delivered with the hard drive unmounted.


Privacy information:

GHR obviously has a duty of secrecy and your secrets are secure with us. In cases where we have to store your data on another media, it is stored on a secure computer that has no external connection, there is no way to access GHR's secure computer at all. GHR delivers the data to you by your selected media. GHR guarantees that no information about the contents of the customer's hard drive is passed on to another person or authority. This is true provided the hard drive does not contain evidence of serious crime. Particularly individually adapted confidentiality agreements can be signed if the customer so desires.



Registration is on the registration document (Paper) is mandatory. Data recorded must be accurate and truthful. The form can be found at the TOP of this page, and should be attached when submitting!


Unconfirmed customer:

A customer who has not heard from him within 30 days is removed from the GHR's system and any submitted equipment is discarded. Also applies in cases where GHR applied for a customer to present a quote or solution proposal.


Does not apply if other written agreement exists.



All packaging is thrown upon arrival at us, do not send media in packaging that is valuable to you.


Unregistered or unmarked media:

Media provided by is not processed until I have been able to properly identify equipment and customer.

When equipment and customer are identified, the analysis begins.


Non-requested equipment:

Equipment that has not been requested within 30 days of completion of the case is discarded. If you do not have any equipment after your case was closed, this must be notified to us by e-mail no later than 10 days from the end of the case.

Our highest priority is satisfied customers.

Our biggest advantage is our know-how and our years of experience in the industry. We also organize the fastest and most effective solutions for you. Needless to say, with a personal approach and great care. We work to constantly improve ourselves and our services. Every customer is an opportunity for us to improve our services.

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